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Clea Bundle

$78.00 $87.00

Why choose one when you can choose all three? Treat yourself to a month's supply of Clea products and get a 10% discount.

Each Clea Bundle includes:

RADIATE (30 count)

Our collagen supplement that makes your body the superstar by helping to increase its natural production of SOD, hyaluronic acid, elastin, and collagen.

Mango Yogurt flavor: A sweet blend of mango with a hint of creamy yogurt.

SPARK (30 count)

The perfect natural Diet Coke or coffee replacement. Spark increases energy by boosting blood flow to the brain, which in turn improves cognitive function. 

Yuzu Citrus flavor: Tart and delightful with a base of effervescent citrus, Spark's flavor perfectly embodies the boost it provides.

ELEVATE (60 count)

The perfect way to stay hydrated. Elevate helps to promote cognitive function, boosts mood, regulates inflammation, and provides antioxidants to help remove toxins.

Thai Fusion flavor: Gentle and refreshing, Elevate offers hints of lemongrass and the tropical escape you've been craving.