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Clea Samplers


Want to test the waters before you leap in? We get it. Sample any or all of our products to find your favorites. 

RADIATE sampler in Mango Yogurt flavor (7 count)

A unique collagen supplement that doesn't just provide your daily dose of collagen—it also increases your body’s natural collagen production to keep you feeling better, even as you age beautifully. 

Mango Yogurt flavor: Sweet mango meets creamy (dairy-free) yogurt. Enjoy! 

SPARK sampler in Yuzu Citrus flavor (7 count)

A natural energy drink that promotes blood circulation to your brain—boosting your energy and focus—with less caffeine. 

Yuzu Citrus flavor: Tart and sweet citrus for a delicious mid-day pick-me-up.

ELEVATE sampler in Thai Fusion flavor (14 count)

We like simple routines and even simpler natural ingredients. Elevate is hydration and antioxidants in one delicious drink. Boost your mood, cognitive function, and regulate inflammation—all while staying hydrated and happy. 

Thai Fusion flavor: Mild citrus with hints of lemongrass—it's like drinking a little bit of lemony sunshine every day.